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Features of the Tours:







Mt. Mihara Half-Day Tour - 4 hrs

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Our half day tour will take us up to the crater of Mt. Mihara.

The first half of the hike is on a paved trail.

After reaching the summit, you can choose to either

walk the crater rim (course 1) or

walk the Omote Sabaku desert (course 2).

<Course 1>

Distance: approx.

Difference in elevation: approx.

7 km


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<Course 2>

Distance: approx.

Difference in elevation: approx.

6 km

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Mt. Mihara and Caldera

View of Izu Islands

Wrinkled Lava

Summit Crater and Ocean

Mihara Shrine

Ura Sabaku Desert Half-Day Tour - 4 hrs

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In this tour, we will take you on a trail through Ura Sabaku,

the only place named “Sabaku”(desert) in Japan.

As we hike along the path, you will notice the changes in

the landscape as well as the unique flora and fauna in the area.

In the event of bad weather, this tour is an excellent alternative for

the Mt. Mihara Half day Tour.

6 km

Distance: approx.

Difference in elevation: approx.


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Mt. Kushigata

Geo Rock Garden

The Hill of Wind

Sunlight Tunnel

Mt. Mihara & Ura Sabaku Full-Day Tour - 6 hrs

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This option combines both the Mt. Mihara and Ura Sabaku Half ​Day Tours.

You can enjoy the grandeur of the dynamic landscape and unique ​flora and fauna.

This tour is recommended for those who are able to enjoy a full ​day of hiking.

Not recommended in hot summer weather)

10 km

Distance: approx.

Difference in elevation: approx.


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Vegetation Regeneration Trail

Summit Crater with Vapor

Path around the Crater

View from the Summit of Mt. Mihara

Circle the Island Tour (by car)

This tour will allow you to craft an itinerary that matches your ​personal travel desire.

We can suggest a variety of tour options that include geological, ​cultural, and disaster prevention sites.

Please contact us when booking so we can customize your tour.

Prices will vary depending on the duration of your itinerary.

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Please choose the duration of time.

(Current setting is 4 hours.)

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Red Valley

Tsubaki Hana Garden

Thunberg Lily

The Great Road Cut

Senzu Coast



Price per person

Mt. Mihara Half-Day Tour (4 hrs)

Ura Sabaku Half-Day Tour (4 hrs)

Mt. Mihara and Ura Sabaku Full-Day Tour (6 hrs)

Circle the Island Tour (3-6 hrs)

*We only accept cash.

*The above-quoted price is based on a minimum of 2 persons in the group.

Single participants will be charged an additional 50% of the listed price.*

*Children under 5 years old are free; 6-18 year-olds are 80% of the adult price.

*The duration and route may vary depending on weather conditions.

8,800 yen (incl. tax)

8,800 yen (incl. tax)

14,000 yen (incl. tax)

2,200 yen/hour (incl. tax)

What to Bring

・Bottles of water (summer: 1L-1.5L per tour. winter: 500ml per tour)

・Rainwear (a set of jacket and pants in case of sudden rainfall)


・Hat or Cap

・Trekking shoes (sneakers are okay, but no sandals or heels)

・Gloves (if needed)

・Trekking poles (if needed)

Leaves Nature Plant

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made on the day of the tour will incur a 100% fee. Cancellations made the day before will incur a 50% fee. No cancellation fee if it's due to bad weather.

Yurika Tanaka

English Speaking Geo Guide

My name is "Eureka!" As my name expresses, I hope you make many insightful discoveries here on Izu Oshima.

You will be amazed with the spectacular views of the Earth and feeling the traces of its activities with your own hands.

I can tailor your tour to your needs and wants.

Feel free to send me any inquiries!

I am excited to be your guide and share time with you.


Quick facts about me:

-English National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter

-Certified Izu Oshima Geopark Geo Guide

-Graduated from the University of Hawaii in 2008

-Mother of 3 kids and loves nature♡

1-74 Kitano Motomachi Oshima-machi

Tokyo 100-0101 JAPAN

-English Division-

Yurika Tanaka


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